Feldenkrais Method  ® 

The Feldenkrais Method® has a wide range of benefits in physical and mental well-being.  Many people come to a Feldenkrais practitioner because they wish to ease a physical pain or recover from a neurological condition.  But the Feldenkrais Method® is much more than an advanced form of physical therapy.  It is based on a sophisticated understanding of the human nervous system that helps students continuously improve their functioning in all areas of life.

The Feldenkrais Method® uses learning in the way that babies learn: through exploring movement and sensing the environment, in order to get whatever it is we most want out of life.  For a baby that may be reaching for a toy and bringing it to the mouth, but for an adult, that may be learning to play a sport better, becoming a better actor or dancer, living a pain-free life, increasing productivity at work, or finding harmony at home.  Many students of the Feldenkrais Method® find their physical and non-physical problems spontaneously disappearing as they increase their self-awareness.

Feldenkrais lessons teach the means to take charge of one’s own improvement and are offered in two ways: group classes, called Awareness Through Movement®, and private lessons, called Functional Integration®.

In Awareness Through Movement® lessons the teacher uses words to guide a sequence of movements intended to develop a greater awareness of how the student moves and thinks.  Feldenkrais students can recover an ability that had been lost, and even create the ability to do things that were never previously possible.

After experiencing Awareness Through Movement® lessons, people often express feelings of relaxation and ease. They may breathe more freely and find their thoughts have more clarity. The learning process is full of pleasant surprises and personal breakthroughs.

Each private Functional Integration® lesson is designed to meet an individual’s highly specific needs.  Subtle touch and movement guide a personal process of self-discovery and functional improvement.  Functional Integration® is not painful nor invasive, and is performed with the student fully clothed, lying or sitting on a low table.  Functional Integration® lessons are especially useful for persons with specific limitations, and people unable to follow a sequence of verbal instruction.

Whether in group classes, private lessons or both, the Feldenkrais Method® can help anyone overcome limitations caused by stress, misuse, accident or illness.