Osteopathy Manual Practice

Osteopathy Manual Practice is a natural medicine with the objective is to re-establish proper body functions by treating causes of pain and dysfunctions.

Dr. Andrew Taylor still described the Osteopath as an « engineer of the human body » utilizing his palpatory abilities to evaluate and treat patients.

Osteopathy is based on the knowledge of interactions between systems and mechanisms that stabilize, produce and ensure the equilibrium of physiology and health. Since its beginnings in 1902 at the A.T. Still Research Institute, university research in Osteopathy has developed in many countries.

Osteopathy Manual Prcatice encompasses a philosophy of the Human Being. Concepts and principles stated by Andrew T. Still are still applicable to the development of a clinical methodology. Ever since the very beginning, in 1874, osteopaths have globally taken into account the Human Being’s physical, mental, emotional, social and cultural components.

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