"I have been seeing Erica for Feldenkrais sessions for about 7 or 8 months now. I have a chronic condition that causes pain in my pelvic and bladder areas. I also do not have the greatest movement and flexibility throughout my body - I am usually stiff as a board and complaining about sore hips, back, shoulders, etc. For my chronic condition I have seen a multitude of doctors, tried medications, tried special operations, but nothing seems to have worked for me except for the Feldenkrais Method.

Erica is so knowledgeable and passionate about the Method, she is ready to jump right in and explain everything to you in simpler terms. And guess what? It all makes total sense! Everything that she explains to me seems like simple logic - "this tissue is connected to this tissue therefore if you are not moving one then the other one starts to have problems as well". Erica gets right in there and has a dialogue (as she calls it) with your tissues, all the while being super gentle and non-intrusive.

I have never left not feeling like a million bucks and full of energy. I couldn't recommend Feldenkrais and Erica enough!"        


"Before I started to see Erica for lessons, I was suffering from chronic lower back and hip pain, paired with a frequently sore neck and shoulder. My biggest issue was all over stiffness that was actually painful.

I had immediate results with Erica. I see her twice a month and it keeps me quite pain free. The stiffness I was experiencing is gone.

My body feels good and the actual lessons are extremely relaxing and blissful."

Deanne, Hair stylist